Janice Cade Counseling

Life is not always as smooth an experience as we would like and some of us cope better than others with change, trauma, upheaval and stress, which can in their train bring depression and anxiety. Therapy is a unique opportunity to sit with a caring professional and experience being heard. It offers the chance of exploring how you became the person you are now and how to bring about change in those behaviours and attitudes that you would like to alter or discard.

Why not ring and make an appointment? Whether this becomes a fresh start to your life, an encounter that allows you to more fully understand and appreciate the person that is you or a safe place to express your sadness and pain - therapy is a unique and surprising encounter of discovery.

Located in Drummoyne near Balmain in Sydney’s inner west, Janice offers counselling and psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, conflict, grief, relationship issues and self understanding.
Jansen Newman Institute
Phone: (02) 9181 1906
Flexible Hours by appointment.